Tiffany’s Second Glory Hole Video, Scene #01 27

Naked Tiffany sits in the booth and licks her lips waiting for cock number 1 to come visit her. He pushes his already rock hard cock through the hole and she sticks her tongue out and starts to lick it up and down slowly. She then puts him in her mouth and starts to suck and stroke at the same time. She deep throats him and she even gags a few times. She continues her nice skilled blowjob and he unloads his thick white sperm directly into her mouth and she swallows it in one big gulp. Cock number 2 also comes through the hole rock hard, Tiffany puts his dick between her huge natural tits before it enters her hot, wet mouth. She gets down on her knees and starts to lick and suck his cock. Once again she takes it way deep down her throat, then licks his ballsack. She stops sucking and let’s him titty fuck her, she then sticks his hand through and plays with her huge melons. Tiffany reaches down and plays with her soaked pussy at the same time. She sucks his cock again until he squirts his load all over her tongue and lips. His load is so huge it drips down her chin all over her. She licks her fingers making sure not to miss a drop. Cock number 3 comes through the hole and the minute she puts her mouth on his hard cock he has some pre-cum for her to lick off. She smiles and starts to show him her professional blowjob skills. He doesn’t last long and drops his load in her pretty mouth. She turns around and cock number 4 is already waiting for her. She sticks his semi hard cock deep inside her mouth and he gets wood right away. She performs her magic on his dick, licking, sucking and stroking. She gives him a hard and fast handjob then decides she wants to fuck him. She rolls on the condom and sucks his cock a little bit more. She puts her big ass up to the hole and he fucks her good. He is ready to cum so she takes off the condom and swallows his thick cum, gobbling down every last drop. She picks up the condom and sucks it dry, making sure she doesn’t waste any of his love juice. Tiffany moves over to cock number 5 and starts to suck him off. Her cum filled mouth is ready for more, she gives him a perfect blowjob and handjob until he blows his massive load directly inside her mouth. Once again she licks his jizz off her fingers. She stands up and says how wet she is, she plays with her pussy rubbing and touching it, showing us her wetness. She sits down and fingers herself while cock number 6 reaches his hands through the hole. He squeezes her tits and pulls on her nipples as she moans and groans until she cums. His hard cock wants some attention now. She pays special attention to his balls as he whispers to her through the hole, she smiles and sucks his cock like a champ. Tiffany is such a good girl and takes his cum like the little cum slut she is.

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