Savannah’s First Gloryhole Video, Scene #01 64

Sweet, sexy and horny Savannah makes a trip to our gloryhole. She is smoking hot as she sits in the booth and smokes a cig during her naughty interview. She is dolled up in a tight short dress and big black boots. She calls the guys back and asks who’s ready for her. She talks about how wet her pussy is just waiting for the guys. She pulls up her dress and teases guy 1 with her nice ass. She pulls down her thong panties and lets him rub her pussy. She also reaches down and plays with her pussy. She smiles and giggles, she likes that. He holds his finger steady and she backs up on it, taking it all the way inside of her. She starts to strip off her boots and socks. Then she decides to strip off everything including her dress and bra. She patiently waits for the guys cocks to push through the holes. She plays with herself, getting more excited by the minute. Guy 1 reaches through the hole again and wants to feel her hot bod. Cock 1 comes through and she wastes no time putting him inside her gorgeous mouth. She strokes and sucks, then plays around with her all natural perky tits. He grows quite big in her mouth and she pleases him until he is ready to pop his hot cum load into her mouth, she opens wide, strokes him until he finishes. He has a massive load that she shows before she swallows it. She giggles and says ‘thank you darling!’ She moves over to cock 2, says hello and starts to lick his dick up and down. She spits on it, strokes and sucks. She moans and groans, you can tell she just loves the cock. She pleasures him until he explodes his man juice right on to her tongue. She plays with it then swallows. She thanks him and kisses his head. Savannah moves over to cock 3, spits on his penis and starts to suck him. She tells him she wants to taste his cum. She jerks and sucks him, taking him deep into her mouth. Cock 4 fingers her pussy at the same time she takes care of cock 3. She really works him, then moves over to cock 4 again and he wants to feel her nice soft breasts. She strokes 3 at the same time. He wraps his hand around her neck then finger fucks her again. She starts to blow cock 3 again and working him hard, but he just can’t cum. She moves over to cock 4 and puts him into her mouth. She jerks, sucks and licks his hard cock. She spits on him, giving him a wet juicy blowjob. He pops his jizz quick right into her mouth. All the foreplay must have really turned him on. She tells him how awesome he is and thanks him. She moves back to cock 3 and pleasures him until he finally does pop his cum right into her mouth. She of course thanks him. She teases cock 5 by putting her ass up to the hole. He reaches through and enjoys fingering her pussy and rubbing her tight little asshole. He pushes through the hole super hard and ready for his turn. She spits on his dick, then sucks and strokes him. She tells him she likes his big head going down her throat. She plays with his balls and continues to please him until he unleashes his semen right on to her tongue. She swallows load number 5. She kisses his head, thanks him and moves over to cock 6. She spits on his soft cock, but he doesn’t stay soft for long. He grows in her mouth and he gives her another oral creampie down the hatch. She giggles, thanks him and kisses his cock. She says hello as cock 7 pushes through the hole. She spits on him, plays with his balls and jerks him. She takes him deep into her mouth and he gets hard and big for her. She plays with her pussy and clit as she blows him. Cock 8 reaches through the hole and plays with her pussy and ass. She likes that. She continues to suck cock 7 asking him how he likes it. Obviously she does it right because he blows his big white cream right into her mouth. She swallows, kisses his cock and says what a nice load it was. She moves over to 8 and tells him he has a nice cock. She spits on him, strokes and sucks away. She licks him up and down, plays with his balls until he can’t hold back any longer. He blasts her mouth with his semen and she loves swallowing another load. Savannah kisses his cock and moves over to number 9. She comments that he is ready for her, big and hard. She takes him into her warm mouth and sucks. She plays with her tits, licks his shaft up and down. He moans and groans as he cums right on her tongue. She shows him his cum then swallows. She kisses his cock and moves over to cock 10. She says hello darling and shows him her ass. She takes him into her mouth and pleasures him like he was the first. Spitting, licking, sucking and stroking him until he can’t resist to fill her mouth up with his hot cum shot. She kisses his cock, thanks him and moves over to cock 11. She licks his shaft up and down, spits on him and takes him into her horny mouth. She loves a sloppy blowjob. She takes his balls into her mouth and jerks him at the same time. She sucks and jerks until she drains his cock, sucking up every drop. She takes a little water break and cock 12 is already hard waiting his turn. She opens her legs nice and wide as she starts to pleasure him. She comments on how many big cocks are here today. She goes down as far as she can on his thick cock. She spits on him, plays with his balls, licking , sucking and jerking. When he is ready to pop, she opens her mouth wide and continues to stroke him. He squirts right into her mouth, she giggles and swallows. Last but not least comes cock 13. She says hello and spits on him. She jerks his soft cock, takes it into her mouth and he grows big and hard. She rubs him all over her tits, but she wants to tease this guy. She puts her ass up to the hole and rubs his cock head all over her pussy. He doesn’t last long after that. He cums right on to her tongue and she swallows the last load of the day. Lots of delicious protein for a true cum lover.

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