Lilly’s First Glory Hole Video, Scene #01 73

Welcome the blonde beauty Lilly to our Glory hole. She is horny and ready for some dick sucking. She pulls her dress down and exposes her huge natural tits. Cock number 1 comes through the hole and she wrapped her pretty lips around him. You can hear him moan and groan. He likes her cock sucking skills. She sucks him deep, but somewhat gentle. She pays special attention to his balls, going back and forth on him. She opens her mouth wide and he pops directly into her mouth, she cleans him off and swallows his huge load. Cock number 2 comes through the hole ready for her dick sucking lips and mouth to wrap around him. She jerks his cock a little bit first, watching it grow bigger and harder. She takes his hard cock into her mouth and she performs her cock sucking skills on him. She plays with his balls and licks his dick. She lubes him up and gives him a rough handjob, he likes that. He doesn’t cum so he needs a break and she gets ready for cock number 3. She calls them back after taking a little break. The a/c broke that day so needless to say it was a hot day, in more than one way. Cock number 3 pushes through the hole, he is soft but not for long. Once her lips wrap around him, he grows fast. She shows off her loving skills until he squirts his man juice all over her lips and into her mouth, she once again swallows his load. She moves over to an already hard cock number 4 and shows off her magic. She sucks and jerks him, taking his big cock deep into her mouth. She wants to fuck this guy. She searches for a condom, puts it on his hungry dick and puts her ass up to the hole. She pulls up her skirt and lets his dick go in and out of her wet pussy. He doesn’t last long, she gets back down on her knees sucking him until he unloads his white cream into her mouth. She swallows his cum like a good cum angel does. She cleans off his cock and willingly moves over to cock number 5. He is soft and ready for action! She puts his dick into her mouth and goes to town on him. She must do a good job because he doesn’t last long, he pops his massive load into her mouth, missing a few drops. She licks it off her fingers and tits. She pulls up her huge tit and sucks on it. Cock number 6 pushes through and talks to her about her nice tits. She wastes no time taking his entire hard cock into her mouth, deep! She pulls out her big natural titties and plays with them. She jerks his cock between her awesome chest as she sucks on her hard nipples until he pops into her mouth once again. She pulls up her skirt and cools off with pouring water all over her body. She moves over to cock number 7 and he reaches through the hole and plays with her huge breasts. His dick comes through the hole ready for some loving. She does just that, licking, sucking, jerking until he explodes his huge load into her mouth, some of it goes into her hand and she of course licks it up. Cock number 8 patiently waits for her to service him next. She gets comfy and away she goes, using her sucking skills like he was the first. As soon as he gets hard, he blasts her tongue and lips with his sperm. She continues to stroke him until he finishes. She moves over to cock number 9 and is hungry for more! She loves cum and cock, a true lover! She sucks his hard big dick taking it in and out of her pretty mouth. She loves to kiss his balls and jerk him off. Once again this cock lover takes his huge load as he jerks himself off, cumming on her tits, lips and mouth. She makes sure to clean him off and also herself. Last but not least cock number 10 pushes through the hole. She gets him nice and hard, taking him deep into her mouth. He doesn’t last long, he releases his big load into her mouth and swallows like a champ.

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