Faiths’s First Glory Hole Video, Scene #01 21

Welcome Faith to our Glory Hole, this is her first time doing anything like this. Don’t get me wrong, she is a naughty girl but never has been to a Glory Hole before. She even skipped her massage to come down, guys were waiting patiently for her to arrive. Everyone offered to make it up to her and give her a massage after all. What girl would not want all those hands touching her naked body. One lucky guy volunteered to strip off her dress and panties. As the guys rub her ass, touch her pussy and squeeze her tits, she reaches her hands all over their cocks, getting them nice and hard. After that massage Faith is super horny and ready to suck some cocks! She walks back to the hole naked calling the guys to follow her. Cock number 1 and 2 push through the hole, both ready for her wet lips to suck them off. She picks cock number 1 and he is as hard as a rock. She starts off licking his shaved balls, her tongue moves up his big cock and she puts it in her sexy mouth. She strokes and sucks at the same time. She defiantly loves to suck cock! Cock number 1 blows his massive load all over her lips, mouth and face. Just when you think he is done he squirts even more all over her nice tits. She thanks him and moves to cock number 2, she takes his already hard dick in her hands and sucks on his balls. She must be a ball lover! She talks to him in her sexy voice and sucks him really hard and fast. Her mouth is ready and waiting for his love juice to squirt and he does just that. Another creamy load in her hot mouth. Her body is already covered in cum and she is asking for more! Next cock comes through the hole, as cock number 3 pushes in Faith takes both balls and sucks them deep into her naughty mouth. She really knows how to work her tongue and it is getting quite the workout. As she is blowing cock number 3 she has the 2 previous cocks cum all over her, dripping down her chin. She strokes him really fast and hard until yet another pop in the mouth. She takes the cum from her mouth and spreads it all over her tits, rubbing it in like it’s lotion. Cock number 4 is ready for her cum filled mouth and body to work his rod. Faith starts off with his balls once again and works her way up his hard, big cock. She is a master at this, she licks, sucks and jerks his cock until he adds his cum to her already cum covered body. She moves over to the other hole and cock number 5 is hard and ready for action. She works his cock like a good girl should, stroking him and sucking at the same time. Faith has her own technique and it obviously works because he unloads his sperm into her cum loving mouth. She strokes and squeezes it until she gets every last drop. Faith moves over to cock number 6, once she has his hard cock in her mouth she starts to touch her very wet, excited pussy. She starts masturbating while sucking and jerking off his cock. She uses her mouth, tongue and both hands to get cock number 6 off. She takes yet another mouth full of cum, her appetite for cum is huge! She shows off her cum covered naked body, then moves on to cock number 7. Yet another big hard cock pushes through the hole, Faith is waiting and willing to please. After blowing and sucking his dick, he can’t hold back any longer when he unleashes his big white creamy load all over her. Her face, body and now hair is covered in 7 cum loads. She teases cock number 8 by asking him if he likes to have a stranger suck his cock, that really turns him on. Of course that turns her on just as much. She once again performs like a champ and takes his cock nice and deep until he cums in and on her! Faith takes a few minutes and shows off her cum covered body, then goes over to cock number 9. He is ready for some serious oral attention and she is the one to give it. Licking, sucking and tonguing his hard cock he cums all over her tits and mouth, just like she asked him to. Cock number 10 is shaved nice and she comments on how much she likes that. She wastes no time putting his hard dick into her mouth and sucks away. Her mouth is not even close to being tired!! She gives him a nice hand job along with sucking in between, talking to him through the hole really excites cock number 10. He blows his jizz all over her already cum covered body. Here comes cock number 11 pushing through the hole and happy to see Faiths hands and mouth waiting for him. She takes his cock straight into her mouth and starts to moan and groan. She is super horny! She pays special attention to his big head and talks dirty to him. She knows his cum is going to look sexy on her. She really works his dick until he explodes his warm cum all over her beautiful lips, she plays with it loving every second. She moves over to cock number 12 and wraps her cum covered lips around his hard cock. She starts with his balls and works her way up his shaft. Cock number 12 was super turned on and cums in her horny and happy mouth. Last, but not least cock number 13 is ready for his turn! He pushes through the hole with semi wood, but it doesn’t take long for her to get him rock hard. Faith once again sucks, licks and strokes him like a true cock lover until he lets his cum go right on to her face, he even gets it in her eyes. He gives a good facial to Faith to end the day. Faith is excited to go home and tell her husband about her first Glory Hole experience, she is excited to get fucked by him.

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